Gate at Solar Collector

March 22nd, 2010 by Paul Vidal

Someone installed a gate along the trail to Solar Collector!!!  What the…? This past Saturday the RRGCC installed a gate along the trail to the Solar Collector.

After it's all said and done, the crew enjoys their labors

After it's all said and done, the crew enjoys their labors

So what’s the deal?

Is the Solar Collector, Dark Side, or Crossroads closed?  Will they be closed?  No, as long as climbers continue to pay the mortgage, access is preserved.

Many climbers who visit the PMRP don’t realize that the RRGCC has to pay a mortgage of $30,000 every year to keep the crags open.  In years past the RRGCC has installed kiosks but often climbers walk by without reading the information.  The gate was installed to remind (like a kiosk) our visitors that climbing on the PMRP is protected by the ongoing donations of climbers.  A sign will soon be installed soon to encourage donations at  The gate will not be locked and climber funds were not used to purchase materials for this gate.
The Managers, Mike Driskell and JR Goodwin

The Managers, Mike Driskell and JR Goodwin

The RRGCC requested Mike Driskell and JR Goodwin to develop and install the gate.   Mike and JR thought about gate designs and then put out the word, requesting volunteers for a mini trail day. Saturday, a group of about 10 motivated climbers gave up a couple of hours of PRIME climbing time to install the sign.
A metal gate, two four by fours, a post hole digger, a rock bar, Mark Jackson’s drill, and a little bit of elbow grease made for a good time.  Mark even whipped out the chain saw. In the future, other gates may be installed along the trails to the crags on the PMRP.  When you open the gate, please consider the satisfaction that you get from your sport and consider donating at to preserve access.
Thank you to all the volunteers, including Mike, JR and Mark.  Good Job!!!

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