Torrent Falls Access

July 16th, 2008 by Paul Vidal

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The tentative date for the reopening of Torrent Falls to public access is set for July 31st. Access will be granted, free of charge (per KRS 411.190), to those who sign a waiver and register on the web site provided ( The number of parties (and cars … car-pool!) will be limited to three, with a recommended maximum group size of three, and access will only be open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. On-line registration will begin at 6am of each day and will only be valid for the day of registration; the entrance gate for Torrent will operate from 8 am until 8pm with the code provided and will remain locked at all other times, please plan your day accordingly. Each vehicle will be required to display a valid parking pass obtained with the on-line registration, those that do not will be towed or immobilized.

…I ask that any who have issue with this post… contact me at “mathenybob at aol dot com”.


For more on the history of access at Torrent Falls, see this post. Please remember – climb responsibly.

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One Response to “Torrent Falls Access”

  1. Dennise Says:

    Ahh Kind of disappointed! My family and I stay at Torrent Falls a few times every summer and enjoy the climbing “space”.. Plus the quiet mornings and clean property is a bonus!

    Keep it quiet and keep it Clean climbers!! We will see you all in a couple weeks!