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Climbers That Care Thanksgiving Tour

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Help us make this year's Climbers That Care event even better by bringing in canned goods, hats, jackets, presents.. whatever fits your fancy

Another season coming to an end in the Red, at least thats what we tell all the people from other parts of the country. Time to decide whether to fatten up at the family Thanksgiving feast or eat tuna from a can with friends in the dirty South. It’s the perfect time to start planning the deep Winter trip and finally hit Hueco. Or maybe its time to hit the plastic and get freaky strong for next Springs routes. Or maybe its time to drop climbing for the season and hit the powder…

When you list it out like that most of our lifes choices seem pretty tame compared to a lot of those in the local areas around the Red. Instead of choosing how to waste their day away wrestling rocks or skiing slopes, they are trying to figure out how to put a hot meal on the table and clothes on their children backs.

This is your chance to give back to the families of the areas that you play in. Please bring your canned goods, hats, jackets, boots or whatever could make someones winter a little more comfortable. Last year we had a full truckload of supplies donated and hope to repeat that this year. All the food and clothing is donated to the food bank ran by the Catholic Church of the Good Shepherd in Campton. If cash is your only option be assured that 100% will be used to buy food/clothing for the drive.

This year we are going on a gym tour and plan to hit as many gyms as possible. Right now we have Eastern Kentucky University and Bluegrass Bouldering committed. If you have a gym or would like to suggest one to host please get in touch with us.

Festivities will include free admittance to the gym, a one of a kind slide show featuring many of the areas talented photographers, including some old school favorites, music at some of the events as well as pot luck dinners (depending on location we will have adult refreshments available). And of course, there will be plenty of good folks and warm smiles to go around.

So find a gym near you to pull down and put up some good deeds:

Many thanks, Climbers That Care

RRGCC Acts as Translators Between Climbers and Emergency Personnel

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Lee County Judge Executive Studies the Red River Gorge guidebook

In April 2010, the Red River Gorge climbing community experienced a fatal tragedy at the Pendergrass-Murray Recreational Preserve (PMRP). When the accident happened, climbers had a difficult time contacting and communicating their location to the rescue personnel. While the Red River Gorge Climbers’ Coalition (RRGCC) cannot take the danger out of our beloved sport, we are making efforts to assist in communication between climbers and the emergency personnel who are tasked with saving us in unfortunate situations.

Climbing in the Red River Gorge spans over four different counties in eastern Kentucky: Lee, Powell, Wolfe and Menifee.  In Lee County resides the PMRP, owned by the RRGCC and the nearby privately owned Mother Lode, both of which are popular destinations for climbers. Both areas boast over 20 different crags and hundreds of routes, including Red River classics such as Whip-Stocking (11a), Mosaic (12c) and B.O.H.I.C.A. (13b). Unfortunately most climbers are not aware of their whereabouts when they go climbing. They merely follow guidebook directions.


What will you do in an emergency? Who will you call?

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Drive By Emergency Tube

As climbers we put ourselves in a dangerous position.  We rely on ourselves, our equipment, and our climbing partner each and every time we climb. We don’t expect bad things to happen, however sometime accidents happen.  A few months ago our community experienced a tragedy at the Darkside.

The night of the accident I had a chance to talk with climbers that were at the cliff that day.  Through our discussions, I felt pain of my friends, as we searched for the why.

That night everyone was shaken, but I asked questions looking for ways that the RRGCC could help. There is little that the RRGCC can do to prevent accidents. When I asked what could have been better, here is what they said:

  1. “We did not know who to call or what the phone number was
  2. We did not know what county we were in
  3. Even though we sent a runner out to meet the ambulance, they missed each other
  4. We did not know how to explain to the Rescue Squad where we were in terms that they understood
  5. The Rescue Squad did not know where the Darkside was  . . . “


The Access Fund and the RRGCC make financial love

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Wow.. we have some exciting new. And it’s not about our latest proj.. well, not exactly.

Access Fund Land Conservation Campaign

The Access Fund Land Conservation Campaign is helping the RRGCC save $10,000

Today we’re happy to announce that the Access Fund is providing the RRGCC short-term financing to restructure the current seller-financed loan on the Pendergrass-Murray Recreational Preserve. That’s a long way of saying the Access Fund is helping the RRGCC save nearly $10,000 dollars in interest payments by loaning us, via the Access Fund’s Land Conservation Campaign, $65,000 at 2.5%.

Needless to say, we’re excited on a number of levels, not the least of which is that we’re again working with the Access Fund, which has been there for the RRGCC from the start.

There’s still a lot of work to be done.. but today is a good day to dig in again and get going.

Read on past the break for the full PR announcement.


The Evolution of the Climbing Guidebook

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Wolverine Publishing and Ray Ellington’s iPhone Guidebook App to the Red River Gorge guidebook is on iTunes. As if you need any more reason to pick it up, fifty cents from each full version of the app will be donated to the RRGCC. The app works on the iPhone and iPod touch and helps improve your image and karma at the same time! Ok, maybe not really, but you’ll have to admit it’s pretty slick and with some of the cash going to help save the climbs it documents, can you really pass it up? It’s also available in a free Lite version showcasing Roadside and Drive-By Crags. Check out the video below for a full run-through for a preview of some of the things the app can do.

Open Meeting Wrap-Up: April 17, 2010

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010


The RRGCC April 17 meeting. We didn't get quite this close..

Another meeting down, another docket of business together, another set of cookies, stickie buns, and brownies put away.. Yep, the April 17th meeting of the RRGCC is all but history with one of our larger crowds in hand, likely due to some of the spring’s best weather to date.

If you missed this one, have no fear – there’s one tentatively scheduled for July 24. Check back again (or subscribe to our feed) to find out the details. In the meantime, read over the proceedings from this last meeting to stay up with the current happenings and updates.

Read more after the break..


Climbers that Care 2009

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

A big thank you to Red River Outdoors and all who participated in 2009′s Climbers that Care event this past Saturday. During the day, much trail work was completed at Torrent Falls, where (thanks to Dr. Bob), we all had a place to gather around a fire in the evening.

clothing and food donations

trail work

trail work

trail work

trail work

trail work

trail work

trail work

trail work

trail work

trail work

JATD 2009, a quick bit

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Thanks to Wes Allen for the video..  a more detailed wrap-up to come..

JATD 09 from Wes Allen on Vimeo.

University of Pittsburgh Climbing Comp Fundraiser

Monday, March 30th, 2009
Addressing the competitors

The route-setters and event coordinators address the competitors to clear up the rules of the comp. Photos: Laura Caporizzo

U of Pitt Raises More Than $1100 to Support the RRGCC

This February, the University of Pittsburgh held a climbing competition to benefit the RRGCC. They’re generosity can’t be understatated, especially when their efforts generated more than $1100 for the Coalition’s annual mission to raise $30,000 for the PMRP mortgage

On February 21st, 2009, climbers filled Trees Hall at the University of Pittsburgh’s climbing gym for the final competition in a series of competitions with surrounding universities. For the past several years during the spring semester, Pitt’s climbing wall has been part of this circuit of competitions known as the University Bouldering Series (UBS). This year, the schools that took part in the UBS were: Kent State University, The University of Akron, Youngstown State University, West Virginia University, University of Pittsburgh, and Slippery Rock University. The UBS is not limited to climbers from these participating schools, nor is it limited to student climbers. Competitors at Pitt’s comp were not only from the schools participating in the UBS; some climbers were also representing Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pennsylvania, and the Pittsburgh climbing community, along with many other climbing communities. The past two seasons, Pitt has decided to donate all of the proceeds from its bouldering competition to a worthy cause. Last year, Pitt donated their proceeds to Conservacion Patagonica, a cause “dedicated to the protection and restoration of wildland ecosystems and biodiversity in Patagonia.” This year, because several of the event coordinators love and cherish the climbing in the Red River Gorge, it was decided to donate the proceeds to the Red River Gorge Climbers Coalition (RRGCC). (more…)

Ben and Laura

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

The Red River Gorge climbing community mourns the loss of two of its own. Ben Strohmeier, 18, of Hebron, KY, and Laura Fletcher, also 18, of Brownsburg, IN were killed in a climbing accident on Monday, November 3, 2008. The accident was due to an equipment failure.

Ben and Laura will be sorely missed, and never forgotten.

A memorial service is planned at the base of Whiteout in Emerald City (part of Lady Slipper) at the Red River Gorge on Friday, November 7 from 3-5pm. Miguel’s will be closed during this time.

Benjamin E. Strohmeier of Hebron, KY. He was 18. Laura Fletcher of Brownsburg, IN. She was also 18.
Benjamin E. Strohmeier of Hebron, KY, and Laura Fletcher of Brownsburg, IN. They were both 18. A memorial is planned for Friday from 3-5pm at the base of Whiteout at Emerald City.