Muir Valley Response to Climbing Accident Training

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

From Rick and Liz Weber, owners of Muir Valley:

On Saturday, May 11, 2013, from 9 AM to 12 noon, a free training exercise will be conducted at Muir Valley on how to respond to a climbing accident. Although these exercises are routinely conducted for members of the Muir Valley Rescue Group, we have decided to open up this training for those outside the Muir Group — especially to those who regularly climb in areas where the official emergency response services are iffy.

We will be meeting at the Shelter House at the Muir Valley main parking lot at 9 AM sharp. If you wish to attend, please try to show up a few minutes early, as we will be leaving shortly after meeting to conduct the training scenario at the Bone Yard Wall. This will be a realistic scenario with a fallen climber.

Bring a helmet if you have one. If not, one will be furnished to you.

Muir Event

Poster by Stephanie Meadows

PMRP Spring Trail Day RSVP

Monday, April 1st, 2013
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Help Climbing Access at Shenandoah National Park

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013


Shenandoah National Park


The Access Fund and Shenandoah National Park need you to help promote their climbing management plan (read more about “ROMP” here).

Please take a moment to comment on the document.

If you don’t know exactly what to say, the 3 bullet points in the action alert and the sentence before them make a good template:



The Access Fund, Mid-Atlantic Climbers, and New River Alliance of Climbers reviewed the ROMP and are in support of the management direction in Alternative B, subject to a few concerns outlined below.

  • Rock outcrops compose only 2% (3,920 acres) of the SHEN’s entire 197,438 acres. It is important to emphasize that other activities, such as hiking, camping, and vista enjoyment draw far more people and cause far more impacts than climbers. As stated in the ROMP, Old Rag is visited by an estimated 50,000 people annually, but the number of climber use-days for all of SHEN is estimated at only 500.
  • While the ROMP provides general information about the impacts causing concern, more information should be provided about the specific impacts at each rock outcrop where restrictions are in place or being considered. For instance, climbing at Hawksbill is prohibited, but the concerns leading to the climbing ban are not fully explained. More detailed information should be provided to further explain the need for restrictions.
  • Because climbers make up only a small percentage of rock outcrops users, the Park should consider if some climbing access can be allowed (even if other user groups are restricted or otherwise more directly managed) before restricting access to specific rock outcrops (especially those on the “watch list”). Park planners should consider ways to protect the natural resources without prohibiting access to climbers completely.

Self Rescue Clinic 2012

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

There will be a Self Rescue Clinic held on FRIDAY, October 5 at Red River Gorge. While this is not an RRGCC or Rocktoberfest event, I’m hoping that the timing is good and those that would like to attend can.

The clinic is $45/person and runs from 9:30 – 3:30 on the 5th. It will be taught by Karsten Delap. If you’ve never met him, he’s pretty awesome. Very good at teaching, tons of experience, and some pretty great stories too.

To sign up, call 1-888-28-GUIDE or visit foxmountainguides.com to sign up for the Rock Rescue Course to Benefit the RRGCC. The course is capped at 8 people, so if you’re interested SIGN UP NOW! (As in, stop what you’re doing, pick up the phone or click the website, right now. :) )

If you miss him, he will be giving a second clinic on Sunday during the Rocktoberfest clinics. This will be the “Quick Fix Techniques” Clinic – it’s not a self rescue clinic, but more about using techniques to deal with those annoying problems that crop up from time to time when rock climbing.

JATD 2012 Registration

Monday, June 18th, 2012

This year’s Johnny and Alex Trail Day isn’t far away! Register now to help us get a head count for Saturday, August 11th.


The event starts at Lago Linda Hideaway at 8:00am. The trail work will wrap up around 3:00pm, and the fun will continue throughout the evening and night back at Lago Linda’s with  food, music, beer, frisbee, volleyball, water slides, swimming, general shenanigans, an instant collector’s item (our event t-shirt), and The 23 String Band!


Please wear pants and close-toed shoes for the trail work – it’s summertime in the Red, which means you should beware of poison ivy and snakes.


There is no cost to party this year, but we hope you’ll make at least a small donation to help us cover the cost of t-shirts, food, and entertainment. :)


(Click the thumbnail of the event poster to see it full screen.)



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  4. [T-Shirts are no longer available for pre-order]
  5. *****Click here to donate!*****

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Dan Lubbers’ Photography Raises Money for the Coalition

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

On Friday, February 10 photographer Dan Lubbers hosted an art show to display his photography and raise money for the RRGCC. The show was hosted by Highland Coffee in Louisville, KY and featured photos from Lubbers’ recent visit to Hawaii, with a few climbing shots thrown in for good measure.
Guests were invited to enter a raffle to win a print of one of Lubbers’ photographs, with the proceeds going directly to the RRGCC. By the end of the night, $95 had been raised and was donated to the RRGCC to further their mission of preserving and promoting responsible climbing. Lubbers’ photos will be on display at Highland Coffee through the end of February, and there is a donation box where admirers can give to the RRGCC. Lubbers’ work is also featured on his website.

By Terri King

Rocktoberfest 2011 Climbing Clinics

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

We have some great clinics, and most of them still have openings available!

Burl Like A Girl is a beginning clinic on climbing powerfully from a woman’s perspective. It’s taught by Regan Kenedy.

Elite Climbing is an advanced clinic on pushing it to the next level for the 5.11, 5.12 or 5.13 climber. It’s taught by Cedar Wright. To get the most out of this clinic, you should be comfortable climbing 5.11’s.

Sport and Redpointing is an intermediate level class geared for the 5.8, 5.9, 5.10 climber looking to learn to work projects and get stronger. Taught by Alli Rainey and Kevin Wilkinson.

Multipitch Efficiency is a beginning/intermediate clinic for climbers looking to spend more time climbing and less time transitioning at anchors. It’s taught by Brittany Griffith

Intro to Trad is a beginning clinic designed for the beginning trad climber. It’s taught by Shingo Ohkawa.

Footwork and Technique is a beginning/intermediate clinic for those who struggle with footwork. It’s taught by Margarita Martinez and Rene Keyzer-Andre (our very own Tutugirl!)

We also have 2 mini-clinics on photography: DSLR 101 and Off Camera Lighting 101 – these are 3-hour clinics taught by professional photographer Wes Allen.

Unfortunately, the Warriors Way clinic is sold out.

If you are interested in any of our clinics you may sign up at the registration desk at Rocktoberfest. Online Registration is now closed.

If you are looking to avoid climbing where clinics are being held, please avoid:
The Gallery, The Shire, The Playground, Global Village

Brownie Bake-Off 2011

Friday, September 30th, 2011

“Get out your mixing bowls, aprons, and Grandma’s secret recipe ’cause we’re announcing a new event for this years Rocktoberfest: The Brownie Bake-Off.

The rules are simple:
1. Bake delicious brownies. Enough to share.
2. Drop them at the festival site Saturday before dinner. We’ll take one from the plate for judging and the rest we’ll be a “donation” which will be given out to hungry festival go-ers as part of dinner.
3. An elite panel of french-culinary-school-trained judges will bestow honors and accolades on those of you possessing the “art of the brownie”.
4. Awards given for most awesome creation.
5. No Funny business. This is a fundraiser and needs to be family friendly.

Volunteer for Rocktoberfest 2011!

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Go to http://www.volmanager.com/RRGCC/ to sign up!

Can’t wait to see you there!

Thank You. 2010 a Year of Action at the Red River Gorge

Monday, January 31st, 2011

2010 was a hugely successful a year for climbing and climbers at the Red River Gorge. As a community, we made a bunch of progress. Before the next great year begins, I would like to thank some of the people that helped make 2010 the most successful ever.

Paul Vidal (RRGCC Vice President)
Your thoroughness and web skilz are unmatched. Thank you for coordinating the Access Fund loan refinance of the PMRP purchase. I have enjoyed our conversations and appreciate that together develop better solutions than we could come up with individually.

Stephanie Meadows (RRGCC Board member and 2010 Treasurer)
Your enthusiasm and dedication are great. Thank you for coordinating the assembly of the emergency instructions. Without you to kick start the activities, the concept would have never gotten off the ground. Also, thank you for stepping up to take the role of Treasurer. Installation of the poo signs was fun, too – those with your trash bag dispenser are making a positive impact. I have enjoyed working and climbing with you.

Josephine Neff (RRGCC newly elected Board member and RRGCC Secretary)
Welcome to the BOD. You, more than anyone, have proven your dedication and enthusiasm for making the RRGCC a better, more open organization. Thank you for organizing the volunteers for Rocktoberfest and taking on the role of Secretary.

Charlie Rittenberry (RRGCC Board member and 2010 President)
As the previous President you laid the groundwork for this year. Thank you for coordinating the site activities at Rocktoberfest. Every year including 2010, it’s you and Morgan Burton that keep the event train-wreck on course.

Morgain Sprague (RRGCC Board member and 2010 Vice President)
Your guidance has continued to shape the direction of the RRGCC. Thank you for keeping us legal and straight.
Mike Driskell (RRGCC newly elected Board member and current Treasurer)
Welcome to the BOD. Thank you for your continued support of the trail day at Roadside and JR’s Darkside Trail Day. The installation of the gates provided fuel for discussion. However, I think the community understands the purpose of our installation.

Bentley Bracket (RRGCC Board member)
Thank you for your coordination of sponsors for Rocktoberfest. Without the industry support that you have nurtured, we could not have achieved such a financial success. $30,000 in a weekend!!! Thank you.

Katy Gully (RRGCC newly elected Board member)
Welcome to the BOD. Thank you for writing articles about the meeting with the Lee County people, helping be the face of the RRGCC at Miguel’s, and helping develop the marketing strategy and getting the word out about Rocktoberfest. Thank you.

Bill Strachan (RRGCC Executive Director)
As always you are the first bolt of our organization. You have been here from the beginning, seen it all come and go. I really appreciate your viewpoint and perspective. Your work on the LAC process is often done behind the scenes, and is under appreciated. However, it is no
less important. Your negotiations and steady effort will result in maintaining access to areas that might have been lost without you.
Thank you.

Matt Tackett (RRGCC newly appointed PMRP land manager)
Johnny and Alex Trail Day job creator, KYMBA negotiator, Climbers that Care, UClimb, Rocktoberfest Clinics, and now Land Manger for the PMRP. Not to mention orchestrating the huge RTP grant. WOW ! ! ! Thank you.

Dawn Driskell (newly appointed volunteer staff assistant to the Treasurer)
Welcome to the club ! ! ! You are exactly what we needed. I am sure
that you will kick all forms of ass. Thank you in advance.

Sandra Davies (RRGCC staff)
Johnny and Alex Trail Day keeps getting better and better due to your excellent organization skilz. Also, Facebook is now the driving force of information about the RRGCC. Thank you for maintaining our Facebook site and getting the word out.

Ray and Michelle Ellington (guidebook authoring couple of the year)
Thanks for the instruction book. By maintaining and continued development of the instruction book, you and Wolverine have supported the RRGCC not only with dollars but also with the most powerful thing ever – information. Thanks for redriverclimbing.com too, which provides hours of entertainment and a completely free and up-to-date version of the guidebook. Thank you.

The Venturas (Miguel, Susan, Dario, Sarah, and Mark)
Thank you. Your unwavering support of the climbing community continues to make your place the center of climbing at the Red. This year’s Red River Reunion brought in over $5000 for the Coalition. Thank you for your support of everything.

Linda Black (Lago Linda’s) and Gloria Navarro (True North Inn)
Thanks for creating great options for the hungry and camping climbers. Thank you for supporting the Johnny and Alex Trail Day.
http://lagolinda.com/ & http://www.truenorthredrivergorge.com/

Phil Moore (Philz Snack Shack & more!)
Phil and Bev Moore and Jeff and Lisa Dickerson, welcome to the community! Ale 8 and chalk at the top of the hill at Bald Rock. Thanks for assisting those 2WD vehicles who fail the ascent up the hill. And thank you, for donating your land for use as a helipad for the community.

Steve Mays (Lee County Judge Executive)
Bald Rock Road is better than it has ever been and the helipad is great. Thanks for supporting rock climbing and thank you for meeting with us to discuss the emergency instructions. Also, we cannot thank you enough for promising to keep the “Motherlode Hill” fixed for us.

Team Suck (friends of all Red climbers, not affiliated with the RRGCC)
Thank you for looking at and maintaining the anchors.

Jeff Neal
Hand drilling at Funk Rock, to replace old anchors w/ glue-ins, need I say more?!?!?!? Thank you.

Land Owners (Rick and Liz Weber, Bob Matheny, Grant Stephens, who do not receive financial support from the RRGCC)
Thank you for allowing climbers to access your property.  You have given us a venue for fun, projects, sends, our almost sends, and make it possible to pursue our passions.  Thank you.

Route Developers and Equippers (again not affiliated with the RRGCC or Team Suck)
Thank you for the routes, the bolts, and the crags. Your time, effort, and vision make the Red River Gorge climbing what is and what it will become.

Gyms and local shops
Thank you Phillip Galls, Hoosier Heights, RockQuest, Philadelphia Rock Gym, J&H Lanmark, The Benchmark Outfitters among others for their tremendous support.

If I forgot anyone, I am sorry.

Every year presents new opportunities and obstacles. The RRGCC has some great stuff on the horizon. Jump in and do something to help. The community needs action. 2011 will be the best year ever to be a climber at the Red River Gorge.

Rick Bost
RRGCC President