Rocktoberfest Volunteers Needed

Saturday, September 4th, 2010

It’s that time of year again and the RRGCC needs your help!!!  If you’re interested in volunteering for Rocktoberfest, please go to http://www.volmanager.com/RRGCC/VolMan(1).php and select what position(s) you’d like to help with.  As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.  We couldn’t do it without YOU!

RRGCC Seeks Volunteer Leaders

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

The RRGCC needs your help to complete the send of the PMRP project and other projects on the horizon. We are looking for people to step up and donate their time and talents to become committee leaders or Board members within the Coalition. If you have skills or experience in the legal, accounting, copywriting, database management, desktop publishing, land management, or non-profit management areas or if you just want to assume a more active role in making a positive impact on one of the best local climbing organizations in the nation, please fill out this RRGCC Volunteer Leader Questionnaire and return it to bill (at) rrgcc.org by August 20.

A Special Thank You!

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

The RRGCC would like to extend a special thank you to Jack Dickey and Mike Driskell.  Jack organized a trail day on the PMRP.  He and his crew of volunteers re-installed the bridge to gallery and created a new path trough the marsh and also terraced the base of The Gallery (right hand side). They built a nice set of steps added to beginning of trail to left field and water bars to that trail. They also created a new bridge created to What About Bob Wall.

Also, Driskell Home Repair sponsored a trail day at Roadside Crag. They were able to remove downed trees that had fallen during the winter ice storm. They also relocated the start of the trail, widened the start, added water bars to the trail and built a set of stairs.

A special thank you to Jack, Mike, and their volunteers: Wes Church, Steve Dunkelbarger, Mark Gueltzow, Mark E. Jackson, Dave Jaspersen, David Lawrence, Bryce Markley, Codie Masterson, Bob Matheny, Ben Cassedy, Brent Dupree, Travis Faulkner, Josephine Neff, Lisa Nowak, James P. Orsi, James (Matt) Pittinger, Johnathan Powell, Chris Sandford, Zach Shaughter, Bill Strachan, and Rick Bost.

Johnny and Alex Trail Day 2008 wrap-up

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

We had a great turnout for this year’s Johnny and Alex Trail Day. No official head count, but we are guesstimating there were about 65 people out doing hard labor this year. The amount of work and the quality of that work is truly remarkable!

The 4th Annual JATD

More than 65 people joined the RRGCC to celebrate and work on the fifth annual JATD. Photo: Wes Allen

Major work was accomplished at the popular crag known as The Shire where two existing trails were closed and replaced with a new trail that also reroutes access to the popular 5.11 “Amarillo Sunset”. The base of this crag was also shored up with landscaping timbers and logs. A new trail was built to the North 40 crag. Climbers wanting to go from The Shire to North 40 are asked to go back down to the main trail instead of shortcutting across the drainage. A new trail was also built at Drive-by crag that replaces the old steep stairs from the road. Finally, a mountain biking loop was completed from the Sore Heel Parking lot that provides another form of human powered recreation on the Pendergrass-Murray Recreational Preserve.
We want to thank everyone who came out and made this happen, as well as our generous sponsors!

It wasn't all hard work. Photo: Wes Allen

All pictures courtesy of Wes Allen.

Do Work Tour

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Tony Reynaldo of Ohio has taken the initiative and started what he’s called the “Do Work Tour”. Independently, he’s organized a weekend of re-equiping routes that need some attention. Though the RRGCC isn’t directly involved with the “Do Work Tour”, efforts like this and from those like Team Suck Climbing have helped to ensure that most of the older hardware throughout the RRG has been replaced and updated. The nature of the beast, though, means that this work is never finished – hardware will always need to be inspected and, eventually, replaced. Be sure to climb responsibly and, when you see hardware that’s in need of attention, be sure report it.

Below is from Tony’s post on redriverclimbing.com

Hello everyone,

The “Do Work Tour” has begun. The prizes are rolling in for the gear raffle (Sterling Rope, Five Ten Shoes, Clif Bars, Nemo Shirts, Wolverine Guidebooks, Krieg Chalkbags, etc.) Lots of cool stuff. The gear donations have been coming along as well.

The tour kicks on on Friday June 27th at Lago Linda’s. Work will be going on all day Friday but the big part of the tour will be done on Saturday the 28th. You can pick up the gear and ropes for the various assignments at Lago Linda’s.

Raffle prizes will be drawn at Lago Linda’s on Saturday evening. All proceeds from the raffle sales will go towards buying more hardware and anchors. Donations are highly encouraged. A Paypal account has been set up under:

reynaldo.1@osu.edu (cash or checking transfers only please!)

Sunday the 29th is a special day thanks to Dr. Bob who has given access to all the volunteers who take part, a full day of climbing at Torrent Falls. Details on this and access stickers will be given out on Saturday at the raffle give-away!

Please feel free to e-mail with any questions or comments.


There is also a blog set up: doworktour.blogspot.com

Best wishes,