Trail Daze – April 30 Wrap-Up

May 3rd, 2011 by Paul Vidal

April 2011 in Kentucky has been the wettest on the books. I’m not sure if I’m going mad from being out in it everyday but I’m really beginning to wonder if my lil’ man is going to pop out with gills and if I need to start gathering my animals for the boat, damn, now I have to build a boat…..

So when we posted the trail day in early April and the weather looked golden we thought for sure that no one would show up and we would have to raid the crags and pull people away and force tools in their hands. To say we were surprised is an understatement. We had over 50 people show up, all with tools in hand, smile on their face and ready to work. It was a huge mixture of families, school groups, old school crusties and wide-eyed gumbies. It was awesome to see so many different types of users out building their recreation area. I think I even heard the trees smile. We worked the day away bench cutting and starting a large switchback crux on the multiple use trails in the Flat Holler area. I wish I could list everyone out that showed but my hippie hillbilly mind does not remember what day it is today. But I would like to give big props to Dr. Bob Matheny for lunch, Mike Driskel for getting this one started and a huge thanks to everyone else behind the scenes that make these days possible.

The Silver Bullett emerges from the Grayson

When last Saturday’s trail day was called , it was called mainly to pry the Silver Bullet from Grayson just to make sure he was still kicking. The weather was sweet that day and it had been raining all week. I figured it would just be Don and I in the middle of the woods, blind leading the blind and could have been the start of a bad country song. But nope, pleasantly surprised again with about 10 folks showing up to work their beautiful day away. I would like to take a second and thank Dave Jasperson and his crew of boys. He does not get near enough thanks for what he and his work crew do for the area. It’s always amazing to see kids learning real world skills and actually getting out in the woods. Working away all day swinging tools in the backwoods builds up a huge appetite and luckily for all of us, folks like Carrie Kirkpatrick is willing to drive down the day before and bring lunch for everyone. Another large portion of the Flat Holler trail was cut and I know for sure I heard a tree smile, but that could have been the margarita bar the Silver Bullet had in his truck……

In future news, we will be hosting a Train the Trainer trail day on the National Trail Day on June 4th. We will be teaching climbers, developers, bikers and who ever wants to learn how to design, build and repair trails using IMBA standards. This day will be limited to 20 people and we will be doing instructional time along with hands on field work in the PMRP. Lunch will be provided as well as take home literature to use when you are building your playground. Entrance fee is one beer of my choice…….or just email me (redriveroutdoors [at] gmail [dot] com) to reserve your spot.

Thanks, be safe and take care of each yourself and other,
Matt Tackett

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