Red River Reunion

Red River Reunion will take place on March 19, 2016. Begin the morning with some fresh homemade cinnamon rolls and shoe demos outside of Miguel’s! Borrow a pair of shoes for the day and use them to your advantage at the Roadside Climbing Competition.

The competition is an endurance competition - clip all the bolts you can and the person who does the most wins! There are beginner and advanced categories with great prize. Entry is $15 and you get to climb at a reserved cliff that is great in rain and cold weather climbing and won’t have crowds! Sign up is day of the event only at Miguel’s or the Roadside parking lot. The comp begins at 10am.

When you’ve finished climbing for the day, head back to Miguel’s, return your shoes and settle in for a great party! Dario will be cooking up a delightful dinner followed by raffles, prizes, swag, music and more! All proceeds from this event go to support the RRGCC. We hope to see you there!