Rocktoberfest 2017 Huge Success!

© Elodie Saracco

About the Event

This is the biggest RRGCC fundraiser of the year and is what enables the RRGCC to make their mortgage payments and to save money for future purchases. The event runs Friday through Sunday and consists of sponsor booths with the latest gear, raffles and contests for prizes, a movie, live music, food trucks, crate stacking, a climbing competition on Saturday, and clinics taught by professional athletes on Sunday.

Event Venue

This year, the best weekend of the fall will be at Land of the Arches Campground in Campton, KY. There will be plenty of room to camp, hang out with friends, party, visit vendor booths, listen to music, play games, and support the RRGCC!

Please note: Dogs will be allowed at the venue during Rocktoberfest weekend only. Owners must leash and poop scoop after their dogs. All other days of the year, dogs are not allowed at Land of the Arches Campground.

Schedule of Events

Friday, October 6th

Saturday, October 7th

Sunday, October 8th


Event Pre-registration At the Door
Friday $10 $15
Saturday (excluding Climbing Comp) $15 $20
Climbing Comp $17 $20
Clinics (limited availability) $40 $40
Shirt $15 $20

This Year's T-Shirt Design


Design coming soon!


Design coming soon!