Sign up for Johnny and Alex Trail Day: July 23, 2016!

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Food deadline: July 4, 2016
T-Shirt deadline: July 4, 2016
We will order a few extra shirts, lunches, and dinners, but if the deadlines have passed, please do not be mad at us if you do not get one of the aforementioned items.
No Preference (pick for me)
Chris Chaney (FH MTB Trails)
Jay Weekly (MF Main Trail)
Adam Gregory
Hannah Tolliver (MF Main Trail)
Andrew Tolliver (MF Main Trail)
Dan Beck (Shire)
Joel Handley
Arthur Cammers (Morgue/Shop)
Eric Cox (Shire)
Roger Bess (MF Large Bridge)
Jesse Sterr (Bridge Install)
Curtis Gale-Dyer (Shire)