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September 19th, 2013 by terri

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RRGCC’s Frequently Asked Questions-

  • What is the RRGCC working on right now?
 As usual, the RRGCC has multiple items on its agenda. Rocktoberfest is coming up, and we are gearing up for the best fundraiser/party of the year! If you’d like to help, volunteer registration is open- feel free to sign up to join us!
We are also working at expanding parking for Flat Hollow. This takes precedence over other parking area projects because it will secure access to the largest number of climbs. The Sore Heel hill is no longer sustainable and will not be maintained going forward. As mentioned above, we are also working actively working with the oil companies to get the parking for MFRP established.  The RRGCC is also attempting to establish access at currently closed crags, such as Roadside and Oil Crack/Arena. This will take time and there are barriers to be overcome, but we will continue to work at it.
  •  What is the RRGCC’s stance on bolts?
 The RRGCC considers all apparently fixed gear (including, but not limited to, bolts, bolt hangers, quickdraws and anchors) abandoned gear. Use it at your own risk.
  • What do I do if I want to bolt a route on RRGCC land?
 You need to sign a waiver, located here .
  • What do if I want to build a trail on RRGCC land?
 First, it’s important to attend a Train the Trainer day, which will be held throughout the year. We use these days to teach those interested in trail development how to properly build a sustainable trail. We are working on  getting all trails, in both the PMRP and the MFRP, to the point that they make the least environmental impact as possible AND require as little maintenance as possible.
 Second, you need to contact us with a plan for where your trail will go and how it will be built (to do this, please drop a line, in the form of a haiku, to our Land Manger, Mike Driskell via the Report Bad Trails form . Once we approve it, you’re good to go!
  • Where is MF parking lot going to be?
On the road in to the Miller Fork Recreational Preserve area, there is a wide creek. The parking area will be just before this creek.
  • When will it be done?
As soon as possible. However, as with much of the land in eastern Kentucky, the mineral rights to our land were severed long ago. They are owned by a few oil companies- oil companies we do not have an established relationship with. We need their cooperation to construct a new parking lot, and coordinating that will take time. We’re working on it, and we hope to have it done by spring.
  • Is the Miller Fork Recreational Preserve Closed? 
 NO! Just like the PMRP, the MFRP will always be open! However, parking is limited at the moment so we ask that you be flexible with your climbing plans. If you see there are no remaining parking spots that would not          block the road and/or oil equipment, please consider moving on to another area. Just as on the PMRP, climbers and developers must have a signed liability waiver   to recreate on the MFRP.
  • What about the mountain biking trails?
The PMRP is dedicated to human-powered recreation. This is not limited to climbing. So, a few years ago the RRGCC started work on mountain biking trails. These trails are open, though at the moment there is only a one-mile loop that is completed. All other trails would be out-and-back rides. To find the trails, follow the directions to Throwback Crag ( found here). You are free to park at the Flat Hollow parking area, but please be aware that this parking area is not completed and there may be stumps or other obstructions that could harm your vehicle.
  • Why doesn’t the RRGCC log the PMRP and/or MFRP to make money?
The idea of selectively logging specific parts of the PMRP was discussed several years ago. Logging the PMRP was not pursued for several reasons. Most of the PMRP had been logged at some point prior to the purchase by the RRGCC. Thus, the amount of mature wood is limited. If we were to log the PMRP, selectively or not, the amount of money that would generate is surprisingly low relative to the impact it would have on the land. There are some talented logging companies in the area that do a great job of minimizing their presence, etc. But at the end of the day, their impact on the land far surpasses what most of us would consider acceptable for our beloved PMRP.

Concerning the MFRP, the timber rights to the property were a point of negotiation for the purchase. There is more mature wood on the MFRP, and far less presence of oil infrastructure.
 Because of the aesthetics of the property, the disruption of roads and trails, and complete closure of the MFRP during logging, we felt that is was in the best interest of the climbing community that the RRGCC maintain the timber rights to the property. For those reasons, we have no intention of logging selectively or otherwise in the MFRP
  • How much do BOD members make?
  Well, occasionally someone buys them a beer…Seriously though, the RRGCC is in all-volunteer organization. The BOD members donate their time to help secure the climbing areas they (and you!) love.

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