October 31, 2006 – Rocktoberfest 2006 Success

April 28th, 2008 by Paul Vidal

This event occurred October 31, 2006 and is kept here for reference. If you’re looking for current and upcoming events, please click here.

Rocktoberfest 2006 was a resounding success despite the frigid temps. With over 300 attendees, five stellar clinics, Reelrock movie premier, Jason Kehl’s slideshow, entertaining dyno comp, terrific bluegrass band, tasty food and even a surprise appearance by a fabulous fire juggler, a good time was had by all. Special thanks to our incredible volunteers and sponsors for making our event one of the most successful to date!<br><br>

Friday night began at Miguel’s Pizza with the Reelrock movie premier of First Ascent and Dosage IV. Climbers walked behind Miguel’s pizza to the glow of a cozy field lit by numerous tiki torches to sit on hay bales placed in a theater-style arrangement; care of Dario Ventura, Morgan Burton and the Miguel’s crew. Petzl offered Red Bull and Vodka for refreshments and Chris Hampton announced the movie. First Ascent was a huge hit during which the crowd was totally animated. Dosage IV was similarly well-received and ran into the night. Those climbers who were unable to view the video hung out around the fire, which was occasionally visited by Jason Kehl.
Saturday began with outdoor sunrise yoga…somewhat delayed due to heavy frost. Yoga Sanga provided quality instruction to the rising sun. Janet Cain of Hug-a-Pup training shared her knowledge with climbers on how to train their crag dogs. Next year, she wants to come to the crag and work with owners to see how dogs behave in the real climbing world. Arno Ilgner graciously provided his Rockclimbing the Warrior’s Way clinic free of charge and Wes Allen showed aspiring photogs how to snap a captivating picture of climbers. Then Rocktoberfest took a break..sort of.

Saturday night was Mark’s Barbeque and Jason Kehl. Climbers ate dinner then gathered beneath the cliffline to learn about Jason’s adventures and hear of the sad loss of Billy. Jason was gracious and humble happily conversing with climbers all weekend on subjects ranging from rockclimbing to true bourbon…only from Kentucky. His slideshow proved to be one of the most entertaining and innovative presentations climbers have seen.

The dyno comp occurred after the slideshow and had a little bit of everything. Chris Hampton kept up the energy announcing contests, throwing schwag and generally harassing the contestants. Kasia Pietras styled her way to win the women’s dyno. Trevor Sutherland showed much skill reserving his flare for the final dynos in the men’s comp. John Schrader had the best fan club by far! But Nick Redinger was the surprise standout dynoing in his lime green underwear…and being smacked off the top hold by local troll, Matt Massey. All of these antics ensued to the wonderful bluegrass tunes of an outstanding bluegrass band…no name folks, please.

Our greatest surprise was a fire juggler from California. Withstanding thirty degree temps without a shirt and a rather brief heckle, Derek juggled fire batons, balanced them uncomfortably while performing minor contortions and generally amused, awed and stole the closing show.

Sunday morning began with our second round of morning yoga. Rocktoberfest closed with two wonderful clinics. Katie Brown taught a girl’s climbing clinic. Bold women took serious whippers, learned to lead belay and one climber who had never even lead a 5.10 mustered up the courage with the women’s support to lead Bandolier, a breakthrough 5.11. Bart Bledsoe taught an aid climbing clinic showing a group how to place pins to hold weight and quality aid technique with Matt Massey and Blake Bowling’s assistance.

Thanks to one and all for an amazing weekend.

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