RRGCC Meeting – Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 3rd, 2010 by Yasmeen

The Red River Gorge Climbers’ Coalition invites you to attend its first meeting of 2010 on Saturday, February 13, 2010. There will be an open session from 9am to 10am at Torrent Falls, Kentucky.  Come find out what we have in store for 2010 and see how you can become involved.  All meeting attendees will be entered into a door prize raffle for a Mountain Hardware Scrambler Pack and other swag items in the RRGCC’s inventory.

Meeting Minutes

On 2/13/2010, the RRGCC held its first open Board of Directors meeting of 2010 at Torrent Falls. We had a nice turn out considering the frigid conditions! Paul Vidal, Morgain Sprague, Rick Bost, Bentley Brackett, Stephanie Meadows, and Don McGlone represented the Board of Directors. Other members in attendance included Executive Director, Bill Strachan, Jessica Brackett, Matt Tackett, Alan Wolfe, Maxwell Malone, Richard Goodwin, Mike Driskell, and Josephine Neff.

Bill Strachan provided an update on the LAC process. Although LAC was approved at the end of 2008, the Forest Service has no money to implement many LAC changes, but they are making some changes that do not require money. This includes closing user trails and campsites that do not meet the LAC requirements. For 2010, they have applied for grant money and they expect to implement more projects. This year, the RRGCC LAC Committee consisting of Bill, Chris Carr, Jim Holtzman, Shannon Stuart-Smith, and Rita Wehner plans to compose a draft Climbing Management Plan to submit to the Forest Service.

Stephanie Meadows provided an update on J&H fundraising. Their meeting to discuss fundraising was canceled due to weather. Stephanie is going to help them meet their goal to donate $7,000 to the RRGCC this year. Discussion was continued to include fundraising at other venues such as Phillip Galls, and climbing stores and gyms in other areas.

General fundraising suggestions were made. Bentley expressed a need to have an RRGCC button for the new Wolverine guidebook iPhone app. It was discussed that the RRGCC needs to accommodate mobile donations. Stephanie showed a new poster for the Miguel’s kiosk that advertises ways to donate and volunteer. The poster artwork is very eye-catching. Rick Bost proposed that the new poster be sent to the local gyms. Stephanie also proposed doing a non-event specific t-shirt. The RRGCC is always looking for ways to encourage donations from groups or individuals. Suggestions can be submitted to the RRGCC at www.rrgcc.org.

Rick Bost and Paul Vidal explained the new affinity credit card promotion that is in the works. They are working with a credit card company to create RRGCC specific cards. The program will donate $50 for each approved application that is submitted. Rick explained that if we can get 2,000 people to apply for a credit card in 2010, we would receive $100,000 in donations. The credit cards do not need to be used for the RRGCC to receive the donation; they must only be approved.

Bill Strachan and Matt Tackett discussed trail building in the PMRP. Matt is working with the Kentucky Mountain Bike Association to add more mountain biking trails to the PMRP property. Matt is planning to hold a mountain biking trail building session on the 3rd Saturday each month. The next trail building dates are 2/20/2010 and 3/20/2010. For those interested in the efforts, become a fan of “Pedal The Red” on Facebook for updates.

In other trail building news, Bill Strachan is planning to organize a trail day in the Military / Left Flank area. This must be carefully coordinated with the Forest Service to ensure compliance with the LAC requirements. JR and Mike Driskell are preparing several smaller trail building projects aimed at increasing the number of trail days throughout 2010. Mike Driskell is planning to continue trail work at Roadside on April 3, 2010. Work is scheduled to begin at 9:00. Those interested in participating in this trail day can RSVP at www.rrgcc.org.

The next open RRGCC Board meeting is scheduled for Saturday, March 27, 2010.

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  1. lee smith Says:

    Really like the minutes being put on line. Thanks for everything and you have my continued support and gratitude.

  2. Yasmeen Says:

    Thanks, Lee!