Win a New Sterling Rope by Donating to the RRGCC

November 25th, 2009 by Yasmeen

Win a Sterling Rope

Win a Sterling Rope

There was an open meeting at Torrent Falls this weekend to discuss Rocktoberfest and many other pressing issues that the RRGCC faces on a daily basis.

The BOD and other participants discussed how the economic downturn has impacted the climbing industry and community. We expect that this trend may continue for 2010. So again we must turn to you for support to make our fundraising goals. We know that you are willing to help. Climbers frequently ask what they can do to remind everyone to donate, as represented by Mike Anderson’s comment at the meeting: “It’s a privilege to climb here and I think everyone needs to pay.”

Check this out, you can donate at little as $7 a month to the RRGCC on a monthly basis. It is set up on auto draft so you don’t even have to think about it!

The RRGCC is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. That means that money that you donate to the RRGCC is money that you get to deduct that from your taxes!

Here is the most important part: we are $12,000 short on the PMRP payment for next year. Yes, Rocktoberfest was an amazing event. But we experienced some additional expenses this year and dollars are tight with the economy in the condition it is in.

Here is the best part! You have the opportunity to deduct dollars from your taxes, help the RRGCC, and enter to win a brand new Sterling rope! If you go to and register yourself to donate $7 or more per month for a year (or $84 or more all at once as a lump sum) between now and February 15th, you will be entered to win a Sterling rope that we will mail to your house!

So seriously, go to right now and sign up! We will be posting the names of those who have signed up – make sure your name is on the list!

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2 Responses to “Win a New Sterling Rope by Donating to the RRGCC”

  1. Peter Jones Says:

    Are you still planning to post the list of people who donated? And, who won the rope?


  2. Yasmeen Says:

    The lucky winner is Ricky Parks – congratulations, Ricky, and thank you everyone who entered the contest! :)