Zillertal, 2008 RocTrip host, needs your help

September 2nd, 2008 by Paul Vidal
Zillertal needs your help

Zillertal needs your help

After another successful Petzl RocTrip in Tyrolean area or Austria known as Zillertal, the climbing jewel is now to be quarried, forever destroying another amazing climbing destination.

We can help, though. Locals in the area are asking for help in expressing the international concern about the future of the area. There is an online petition at http://www.stonemonkeys.com/protest.html. Please take a minute to fill the petition out. A second of your time will go a long way and it would speak strongly to have a huge international group as well as the locals speaking up to prevent this. We’re all in this together (remember, the international community was there for the RRGCC in 2007) so lend a hand when you have a minute.

Below is some basic information from the web site. Take a minute to check out some of the great RocTrip 2008 pictures and visit the Petzl Team website.

From stonemonkeys.com:

Unfortunately it’s happened! Numerous companies intend to quarry at the Ginzling Taufenkopf and the Zillergrundwald. Although they have not yet received permission to do so, they will probably receive it shortly. Since the local tourist agency and everyone else has not achieved much so far, we now want to show the companies that climbers are against quarrying in the Zillertal Nature Preserve. Unfortunately it often happens that locals get the short end of the deal, but who knows, with your help things might change! We now need your help! We really need your support, please sign the online form to protest against the quarrying and to preserve these crags in the Zillertal!

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One Response to “Zillertal, 2008 RocTrip host, needs your help”

  1. Florian Narr Says:

    I never thought that we get so much assistance from so much Websites. Now we got more than 800 signatures in a short time!

    Thank you!

    Florian Narr