A Special Thank You!

July 9th, 2009 by Paul Vidal

The RRGCC would like to extend a special thank you to Jack Dickey and Mike Driskell.  Jack organized a trail day on the PMRP.  He and his crew of volunteers re-installed the bridge to gallery and created a new path trough the marsh and also terraced the base of The Gallery (right hand side). They built a nice set of steps added to beginning of trail to left field and water bars to that trail. They also created a new bridge created to What About Bob Wall.

Also, Driskell Home Repair sponsored a trail day at Roadside Crag. They were able to remove downed trees that had fallen during the winter ice storm. They also relocated the start of the trail, widened the start, added water bars to the trail and built a set of stairs.

A special thank you to Jack, Mike, and their volunteers: Wes Church, Steve Dunkelbarger, Mark Gueltzow, Mark E. Jackson, Dave Jaspersen, David Lawrence, Bryce Markley, Codie Masterson, Bob Matheny, Ben Cassedy, Brent Dupree, Travis Faulkner, Josephine Neff, Lisa Nowak, James P. Orsi, James (Matt) Pittinger, Johnathan Powell, Chris Sandford, Zach Shaughter, Bill Strachan, and Rick Bost.

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