10 Reasons to Compete in the RRGCC Clip n’ Go Comp

October 8th, 2008 by Rick

Below are the Top 10 Reasons why everyone should participate in the 2008 Rocktoberfest Clip n’ Go Climbing Competition.

1. Everyone has a chance to win

Sore heel has routes from 5.4 to 5.14c
Three each divisions for men and women means everyone is competing for prizes
Old Stone division for the climbers who want to have a great climbing day, make a donation with out all the hassle.

2. Endurance

Comp is endurance based, so a 5.12 and a 5.10 with the same number of bolts has the same number of points

Sore Heel - Location of the Clip N' Go Comp

Sore Heel - Location of the Clip N' Go Comp

3. Strategy

This competition has a strategy. Just doing the hardest route probably won’t get you the win. To maximize the points, climb each route twice. The first time gets 2 points per bolt and 4 for the anchors, while the 2nd time gets 1 point for each bolt and 1 point for the anchors.

4. Beginning of the season workout

Best way to get in shape is to climb a ton. How many pitches can you do? How many bolts can you clip?

5. Crowd avoidance

Only competitors will be allowed to use Sore Heel parking Saturday until 2:00 pm 150+ routes at 13 crags (you do the math)

6. Supports the purchase of a great climbing area

No overhead means 99.97% of your $15 entry fee in goes to

Clip n' Go Comp Guide

Clip n' Go Comp Guide

pay down the mortgage. The only cost to the RRGCC for this event is copies for the score sheet.

7. Be a part of history

This is the first year of the Clip n’ Go Climbing Competition. The RRGCC will be holding this yearly competition at Rocktoberfest, so come out and be a part of the one that started it all.

8. You can register 3 ways

– Online rrgcc.org/register
– Rocktoberfest registration desk at Bee Rock on Friday night or Saturday morning
– The site day of at the comp (CASH ONLY)

9. Prizes

There are a ton of prizes available.

10. All the cool kids are doing it.

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3 Responses to “10 Reasons to Compete in the RRGCC Clip n’ Go Comp”

  1. Michael Cook Says:

    You say “Bee Rock Campground” in the registration, but the pdf says Natural Bridge Cabin Company Campground.
    Which is it? Thanks!

  2. Paul Vidal Says:

    they’re one in the same. technically, it’s the natural bridge cabin company campground. previously, until last year i think, it was known as bee rocks campground.

  3. Michael Cook Says:

    Cool. Thanks! I looked up Bee Campground and found a place near Lake Cumberland. I’m old enough to remember when it was called Bee, not young enough to remember that was what it was called :-)