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The Red River Gorge refers to a large region surrounding the town of Slade in Eastern Kentucky. Much of it is contained by Daniel Boone National Forest, part of the US Forest Service. It includes areas such as the Red River Gorge Geologic AreaClifty Wilderness, and the Natural Arch Scenic Area.

Where to Climb

Red River Climbing’s Online Guidebook: Ray did it right, so rather than do it again, we’ll just link you to his impressive, constantly updated site.

One of the most popular questions asked about the RRG is “Where can I top-rope?” Unfortunately, the Red doesn’t have many places to top-rope, though Muir Valley does have some. If you are looking for top-roping, the best solution is typically to hire a local guide service, like one listed below. Otherwise, it’s ask-your-neighbor-for-a-ride at the cliffline.

Local guiding services are offered by:

If you’re looking to set out on your own, we’re happy to point you to a few of the more popular areas.

  • Fortress Wall: a classic area that has a bit of everything, from 5.2 to 5.12d trad lines. Since it’s protected by a large overhang, this area gets very popular on rainy days. The one thing this wall doesn’t have is sport climbing.
    • Located in the Northern Gorge Region
  • Muir Valley: a little something for everyone with more than 300 routes ranging from 5.1 to 5.14 and has a wide selection of sport and trad climbs. Muir is popular with first time visitors and the parking areas often fill up on the weekends. If the parking lot is full, please climb elsewhere. Do not try to squeeze in – this is against the owners’ wishes and compromises access. The area is privately owned by Rick and Liz Weber. Please sign a waiverbefore visiting.
  • The Motherlode: another classic destination that courts some of the sports strongest climbers. The Motherlode has nearly thirty 5.12s and more than a dozen 5.13s and a few 5.14s to boot. Known for its steepness and tests of endurance, the Motherlode is typically dry on rainy days.
    • Located in the Southern Region
  • The PMRP: actually two pieces of property with more than 400 routes ranging from 5.5 to 5.14c, the hardest in the Red. The PMRP is owned by us, the RRGCC and climbers (like you), and we hope you treat it like your land – with respect. Some popular destinations are Drive-By CragPurgatorySolar Collector, and the Dark Side.
    • Located in the Southern Region


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