The Miller Fork Recreational Preserve (MFRP) is a 309-acre tract of land in Lee County, Kentucky, that the RRGCC closed on in May of 2012 with the help of the Access Fund’s Land Conservation Campaign. The RRGCC received grant money from the Access Fund to help make a $45,000 down payment, and has a plan in place to make five yearly mortgage payments of $40,000, after which the RRGCC will own the MFRP, securing climbing access on that land in perpetuity.

The Miller Fork parking lot, completed in the summer of 2014 with help from local oil and construction companies, is just before a wide creek on Hell Creek Road. Its GPS coordinates are 37°38’31.9?N 83°40’44.0?W (37.642204, -83.678900).

Thanks to the exceptionally generous RRG climbing community, the RRGCC ran a successful grant matching campaign in 2014 which raised $35,000 to match a $35,000 Conservation Alliance Grant for a grand total of $70,000 raised to apply to the MFRP mortgage payment!

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*Please be patient with details concerning approach trails to crags, as the RRGCC respects developers’ privacy while they are working on their routes, and also prefers to build trails to the crags before they begin to get heavy traffic.