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Rocktoberfest 2012

Monday, September 10th, 2012

rock·to·ber·fest /räk toeber fest/

Noun: Rocktoberfest is an annual event held by the Red River Gorge Climbers’ Coalition located in the Red River Gorge.

Rocktoberfest NostalgiaRelated Terms
 2012 /räk toeber fest twente twelv/

  1. A Rocktoberfest event unlike any other in history.
  2. A Rocktoberfest that marks the final payment of one of the most historic purchases for climbers in North America.
  3. A Rocktoberfest only a fool would miss.

It’s rare that events like this happen. When we started out with Rocktoberfest, we were simply looking for a way to raise some money to build trails and to get people involved with the RRGCC for the first time. Now, twelve years later, here we are – ready to make the final payment on a historic piece of property, one that has literally redefined the way climbing conservation is considered.

There is one reason that we are at this point in our history – because of you. Your donations have created and carried this organization through the years. This year, we hope that you’ll join us for a party unlike any you’ve ever been to while we make our final payment on the PMRP. This year, this special occasion, this special celebration, we invite you to party with us at Rocktoberfest 2012 to celebrate what we’ve done in the past and what we can do in the future.

So pack your bags, cash out your vacation days, and plan on celebrating the land we’ve bought together at Rocktoberfest 2012 on October 5th, 6th, and 7th.

Event Overview

For those of you with short attention spans.
Don’t forget – pre-registration will save you cash! 

  • Friday
    • Crate Stacking
    • Spencer Victory’s Water Balloon Sideshow
    • Emily Harrington’s Slideshow
  • Saturday
    • Outdoor comp
    • Shoe Demo
    • Crate Stacking
    • Movies from locals and others
    • Arm Wresting Tournament
    • Silent Auction
    • Dinner with Meaty, Veggie, Vegan, and Gluten-Free options
  • Sunday
    • Breakfast from SRCFC with gear giveaways
    • Clinics led by the pros


Natural Bridge Campgrounds, host to several past Rocktoberfests, will again be our venue in 2012. To get there, head to the Red as you normally might and get off of the Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway at exit 33. Turn in to the rest area and then take an immediate left. If you get to the rest area, we should have enough signs and be making enough noise to get the point across to where exactly we’ll be. So “rest” easy 😉

This is a rough map of this year’s Rocktoberfest location.


  • We’re not sure if you’re ready to handle it but.. crate stacking is back. With the help of Bluegrass Bouldering and J&H Lanmark, crate stacking will be around Friday and Saturday nights. J&H Lanmark will be bringing the prizes and, if you’ve been to their store before, you know you don’t want to miss out. So do yoga, chakra tests, and tea leaf reading to get ready to win some booty!
  • Most of us have an old rope hanging around somewhere. And I’m sure most of you have grand plans of making a rope rug out of it. Instead of leaving it piled in the corner with the rest of your idle dreams, why not to it in the Rope Recycling Program’s bin this weekend. All weekend Sterling Ropes will be running their Rope Recycling Program. For those of you that truly pony up and toss in those old ropes, Sterling will be auctioning off a brand new rope of their own making.
  • If the temperatures turn south a bit, Outdoor Research has graced us with some custom beanies and hats. We don’t have all the pricing information just yet but, even without it, you should know all the proceeds go to yours truly. Great gear, great cause – two great reasons to keep that noggin’ warm!
  • Emily Harrington will be giving a slideshow Friday evening about stepping outside of comfort zones and her trip to Everest. Believe us – you’ll want to catch this slideshow. Put aside your pre-conceived notions about alpine climbing, apply a$$ to seat, and watch this one before you miss it forever.


  • If you haven’t burned yourself out on Friday or stayed up too late driving from the far reaches of the east or west, throw all the juice you have left at the Black Diamond sponsored Clip-n-Go Climbing Comp in the PMRP. Yes, you are special so the PMRP is yours while you pull down and try to win some of the best gear BD has to offer. Be sure to pre-register for the comp.. if you forget, though, show up Saturday morning at the venue and leave time to drive to the PMRP by the comp start, 9am. At 4pm, it’s pencils down and we’ll head back to the venue for grub and gear. We will be offering a shuttle back to the venue after the comp but it will be first come, first serve.
  • Before you head for the comp or just your standard day’s proj-crushin’, stop by Miguel’s to try on some of the vendors’ latest shoes. Evolv, MadRock, Scarpa, Tenaya, 5.10, and La Sportiva are holding a shoe demo at Miguel’s at 9am. So if you’re not feeling the most confident about your shoes but you’re just not ready to drop the cash on a pair you haven’t field tested, stop by and try out some of the latest shoes.. for free!
  • Saturday’s dinner, though, you will. Bourbon n’ Toulouse will again be supplying us with some of the most amazing food this side of the Bourbon Street. Check out their menu or just look below for what we’ll be serving. Notice, we do have gluten-free options! Supper hits the table around 6pm.. so don’t work that project so hard you miss the food you need for a proper recovery. And bring your own bowl or expect the intense hazing that will ensue!
    • Jamabalaya – Meaty, Gluten-Free
    • Red Beans with Smoked Sausage – Meaty, Gluten-Free
    • Cajun Red Chili – Meaty, Gluten-Free
    • Artichoke and Parmesan Cream with Mushrooms – Veggie
    • Black Beans and Caramelized Corn – Veggie, Gluten-Free
    • Vegan Black Beans – Vegan, Gluten-Free

    Stallone Strong

    Benchmark’s George T, getting pumped for the Arm-Wrestling Tourney

  • With all that powerful, ragin’ cajun food pumping through your veins, have a seat and use that cajun power sauce to score some killer gear! The Benchmark Outfitters in Lexington is running an arm-wresting tournament that will have you screaming, “My whole body is an engine. My fist is a fireplug and I’m gonna light him up.” Sit down and hold on while you fight for your right to win gear in a ol’ fashioned, tourney-style arm wrestling competition. And should you blink, you’ll even be able to buy your way back in. There will be tables set up throughout the night with bouts happening in a moment’s notice. We’ll move the final rounds up to the stage to watch some strong men and women mark off against each other under the lights. Regardless of whether you walk away with armloads of winnings or simply a hurt pride, all the grunting and sweating will be worth it since every dollar is going to the RRGCC and our fight to go “over the top”.
  • Crate stacking will be fully featured again, again with amazing prizes. We really shouldn’t have to convince you. It’s so simple that it’s bound to get under your skin when you fall three crates into it.
  • Thanks to our very generous sponsors, we’ll be running our silent auction. This is your chance to get your dream gear at your dream prices.. and all of the proceeds go to the RRGCC. Everyone wins.. that is, of course, if you win (I’m looking at you, penny pinchers).
  • You know, we tend to gorge (pun intended) ourselves on BnT.. but after a hard day’s climbing, sometimes we get the late night munchies. And that’s where Marmot comes to save the day with some tasty and perfectly timed hot dogs! Straight off the grill, they’ll donate all proceeds to.. oh yeah, the RRGCC 😉
  • They’ve been with us for years, through the hard times and the good. The 23 String Band will be there now to help us celebrate paying off the last of the PMRP. We couldn’t be happier – they’ve been jamming with us through the night at events from past Rocktoberfests to Johnny and Alex Trail Days (and here) to Red River Reunions. Come out, kick your shoes off, and dance to the joy of the present and the promise of the future!


  • One of the best things about professional athletes coming to Rocktoberfest is that they’re good folks and want to share the love and knowledge. To give them a canvas on which to perform their art, we’ll be hosting professional clinics taught by some of the sport’s best athletes. If you missed them during pre-registration, stop by the registration desk for more information on what clinics are open and where and when they’ll be held. Below is a list of available clinics:
    • Elite Climbing by Kris Hampton
    • Sport and Redpointing by Kevin Wilkenson and Alli Rainey
    • Burl Like A Girl byAudrey Sniezek
    • Intro To Trad by Shingo Ohkawa
    • Multipitch Efficiency by Brittany Griffith
    • Footwork and Technique by Margarita Martinez
    • Quick Fix Techniques by Karsten Delap
    • Learn to Lead by Emily Harrington
    • Injury prevention and Yoga for Climbers by Akia Yoshida
    • Introduction to Sport Climbing with Beginner Tactics by Nick Duttle
  • I’m sure you all will be waking up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Sunday morning without the least bit of fog between those ears of yours. If you don’t, though, the Solid Rock Climbers For Christ will be around again to serve up coffee and all the tasty trappings of a homemade breakfast. Be sure to drop in a little love – they donate all the proceeds to the RRGCC. That and anyone that wakes up that early to help make you breakfast deserves a little thanks and a proper smile.

Now that you have the full scoop.. what are you waiting for?!

Register Today!

Also, we’re going to take a moment and give a special “Thank You” to our Rocktoberfest sponsors. They’re here (and have been there) for all of us, making Rocktoberfest happen behind the scenes, adding schwag and fun times, and helping us secure access throughout the area.

Our Rocktoberfest Sponsors

Outdoor Research
Black Diamond Keen
Marmot Petzl
West Sixth Brewing The North Face
Red River Outdoors Access Fund American Alpine Club Avery Brewery
Benchmark Outfitters Bluewater Ropes Evolv Five Ten
J&H Lanmark La Sportiva Miguels Pizza Bluegrass Bouldering
Moose Jaw Mountain Gear Mountain Ranks Patagonia
Rockquest Scarpa Sterling Rope Trango
The 23 String Band Ale-8-One CamelBak Joshua Tree Products
Solid Rock Climbers for Christ Rock Candy Holds Power Company Climbing Rocksport
So iLL Quest Outdoors Perfect Descent Mad Rock

Into the night, JATD 2012

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

“When the wind blows, it blows your name. Today you were a hurricane. You blew from day into the night. Your memories filled the dim twilight.”

Johnny and Alex Trail Day 2012, Travis Peek Photo

Johnny and Alex Trail Day 2012, Travis Peek Photo

This hook ran through my mind all day as I went from place to place checking on the crews hard at work all over the Pendergrass-Murray Recreational Preserve. Not only were the words running through my head but I had a true sense that Johnny and Alex were watching down over us and that they were enjoying what they saw.

The normal JATD weather is hot enough to fry an egg on a Mccleod head, snakes numbering more than they had on that damn plane, bugs swarming thick enough to have floated the Titanic, jungles of poison ivy to thrash through; with all these heinous conditions making climbing not even an option even for the most committed gumby…. I guess the bushwhack gods got a visit and a stern talking to from Johnny this year and he told them we had enough and  had proven ourselves , so he thought we needed a break… The weather was as good as August in Kentucky can get, which had me worried everyone would back out and we would have to go to the crags to guilt them into moving some dirt (trust me, I’d guilt my granny into throwing a shovel if I had to).  I was absolutely amazed that the opposite happened. Once registration opened up at Lago Linda’s it was like the dirtbag flood gates were opened and the hippies were released like a spring trout stocking. The official number was around 180 folks, but even with me only being able to count to 19, I’m betting we hit over 200 smelly volunteers as others joined the work force throughout the day.

The amount of work that got done this year was off the hook and truly blew this hillbilly away. As an organization we have learned by failures, trail classes, trail god osmosis and of course through success on how to start repairing old screw ups and to develop new areas without creating future problems. It seems everyone is taking this to heart and allowing us to focus on opening new areas, instead of solely focusing on fixing the same problems year in and year out.

This year’s trail day completed some of the best and probably the most work done on a trail day. We were able to open up two new crags, Velo and Throwback crags. We were able to open up an old crag and its new routes, Getaway. We were able to complete the first mile loop of a five mile multi use trail system in flat holler. This trail has already been getting plenty of mountain bike and climber traffic and is pushing the limit of legal fun, well, and speaking from plenty of illegal fun experiences , its pushing those limits too….We will have updated crag and trail information posted soon for the new areas. We were also able to do some huge fixes to the Gallery, stairs and new trails at the Volunteer Wall, much needed reroute at Left Field, big improvements to the Drive By/Marley short cut and many other small projects all over the property.

As the work day drew to a close we all headed back for some much needed refreshments, rest and telling climbing lies to old and new friends alike. Everyone had came prepared with their rain gear , flippers and snorkels since every year when the 23 string band enters the pavilion it rains hard enough to sink the Ark. Not this year, the hippies and hillbillies danced well into the night with nary a drop of rain in sight.

As the last drink was finished, the last string plucked and the final embers of the fire burned out I looked around. Content, pride and utter bliss was on everyones face I saw. As my eyes drew to the clear skies I saw a couple stars blink and knew that was Johnny and Alex filling the dim twilight……

We would like to thank the sponsors that help keep us rolling year in and year out and make days like this possible

Access Fund Bluegrass Bouldering Red River Outdoors
Miguel’s Pizza Rockquest Climbing Gym Benchmark Outdoors Outfitters
J&H Outfitters Gordon Food Service REI
Clif Bar West Sixth Brewing Lago Linda’s Hideaway
Mtn Ranks Red River Rockhouse Gore-Tex
Elodie Saracco Photos Wes and Tania Allen Photography

And that’s not to mention the many, many behind the scene sponsors and folks.

Take care and enjoy the world around ya

Matt Tackett

Rocktoberfest is upon us

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Help us spread the word by downloading the flyer and posting it at a local hang out!

Rocktoberfest, our largest annual fundraiser to benefit the PMRP, is less than two weeks away! It’s so close you can check out the weather on the ten-day outlook. So.. go register today while you still can! And be sure to check out one of the awesome clinics that are being run by some of the best athletes in the sport.. they’re filling up fast, though, so get to it!

Register Now!

Also, we’re going to take a moment and give a special “thank you” to our Rocktoberfest sponsors. They’re here for all of us, making Rocktoberfest happen behind the scenes, adding schwag and fun times, and helping us secure access throughout the area.

Title Sponsors

Click the read more link to see our full set of loving, beautiful, adoring sponsors.


Setting the Benchmark: A Citizens Climbing Comp

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

The Citizen Climbing Comp, November 13, 5pm at Rockquest

The Benchmark Outfitters and Rockquest, long-time supporters of the RRGCC from Cincinnati, are stepping up and hosting a climbing competition of their own doing.

WhatSetting the Benchmark: A Citizens Climbing Comp

When: Saturday, November 13, 2010 5:00 PM

Where: RockQuest
3475 E. Kemper Road 
Cincinnati, OH 
(513) 733-0123

Come on out and climb for the Red River Gorge Climber’s Coalition at RockQuest! This is a citizen’s climbing comp, so all are welcome to climb!

Entrance Fee is $25.00 due at the start of the competition.

Sponsors include: 
Benchmark Outfitters, RockQuest, FiveTen, Arc’teryx, Black Diamond, and more to be named.

For more information, visit the competition information page.

Darkside Trail Day Recap

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

JR Goodwin, our good friend from Louisville, Kentucky, recently helped host a Trail Day to maintain the trails in the Pendergrass-Murray Recreational Preserve – Coal Bank Hollow. At the end of the day, he found himself in a rare state – out of words.

The Managers, Mike Driskell and JR Goodwin

JR Goodwin and his partner in crime, Mike Driskell, at another trail day they organized.

Sitting here to type out the events of the May 15th trail day extravaganza I find myself, for once, speechless. From the initial ideas and layout to the hard work and sweat of those in attendance as well as the lunch, beer, and party spot donated by those who couldn’t attend, a huge THANK YOU!! I have been left smiling about the wonderful community and family that we of the Red River Gorge are so lucky to have. A passion passed onto me by many of those before me was obviously shared by the many, many people that showed up that day and to say that much was accomplished would be an understatement of the sheer force that descended onto coal Bank Hollow that day.


2009 Year In Review

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

2009 RRGCC Year in Review

This past year had a lot of exciting happenings for the RRGCC.

The year began with a large ice storm.  Bill Strachan worked with 5 climber volunteers and three US Forrest Service personnel.   On February 21, 2009 they cleared storm damage in Martin’s Fork area, which includes the approaches to Military and Left Flank.

Todd McCormick and the University of Pittsburgh hosted a climbing competition to raise funds for the RRGCC.  Their event raised $1,125! (more…)

Rocktoberfest Registration is Open

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Natural Bridge Campgrounds

Natural Bridge Campgrounds. Exit 33 off the Bert Combs Mountain Parkway. Follow signs to Natural Bridge Campgrounds

It’s official – registration for Rocktoberfest 2009 is now open! Visit to register yourself and others for the weekend.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact us or call us (use the “Call Me” button to the right or dial us at 859-955-0774).

Thanks and see you in October 😉


  • Camping and parking is included and is on site at the Natural Bridge Campgrounds (click for directions).
  • First choice of camping spots (limited sites with water and electric hookups)
  • First dibs at vendors and all their demo gear, including gear from:
    Black Diamond, Petzl, La Sportiva, Sterling Ropes Five Ten and others..
  • Climbing films featured by Dead Point Magazine and music DJ’ed by our man from the south, John “Cletus” Wilcox.
  • Fun and games.. and did we mention all the vendors and demo gear!
  • Access to the dyno comp to either toss in your hat or heckle from the sidelines.


  • The Clip and Go Comp Climbing competition at the Pendergrass-Murray Recreational Preserve – Sore Heel Hollar Competition will be based on endurance – number of bolts clipped and the difficulty of the route will both factor into the point system.
  • Sign up is from 9-10am at the Registration Desk or at the Sore Heel Parking Lot.
  • The competition will last from 10am to 5pm and the winners will be announced at the venue on Saturday night.
  • Free YOGA class Saturday morning at 9:30.  Please bring your own mat. 

Saturady evening will host plenty of music, food, gear, a dyno comp, and plenty more..

Saturady evening will host plenty of music, food, gear, a dyno comp, and plenty more..

Saturday Night:

  • Camping and parking is included and is on site
  • Free swag from every angle! T-shirts, posters, stickers, gear and much more.
  • Silent auction with a ton of top end gear from our gracious sponsors!
  • And we’ll be hosting and featuring the Reel Rock Tour Movie
  • Plus we’ll have a dyno comp, DJ, and plenty more to attract your distractable eyes and ears..


  • Clinics lead and attended by pros from around the sport
  • Breakfast in the morning courtesy of the Solid Rock Climbers for Christ

Keen Footwehar