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June 25th, 2008 by Paul Vidal

Tony Reynaldo of Ohio has taken the initiative and started what he’s called the “Do Work Tour”. Independently, he’s organized a weekend of re-equiping routes that need some attention. Though the RRGCC isn’t directly involved with the “Do Work Tour”, efforts like this and from those like Team Suck Climbing have helped to ensure that most of the older hardware throughout the RRG has been replaced and updated. The nature of the beast, though, means that this work is never finished – hardware will always need to be inspected and, eventually, replaced. Be sure to climb responsibly and, when you see hardware that’s in need of attention, be sure report it.

Below is from Tony’s post on

Hello everyone,

The “Do Work Tour” has begun. The prizes are rolling in for the gear raffle (Sterling Rope, Five Ten Shoes, Clif Bars, Nemo Shirts, Wolverine Guidebooks, Krieg Chalkbags, etc.) Lots of cool stuff. The gear donations have been coming along as well.

The tour kicks on on Friday June 27th at Lago Linda’s. Work will be going on all day Friday but the big part of the tour will be done on Saturday the 28th. You can pick up the gear and ropes for the various assignments at Lago Linda’s.

Raffle prizes will be drawn at Lago Linda’s on Saturday evening. All proceeds from the raffle sales will go towards buying more hardware and anchors. Donations are highly encouraged. A Paypal account has been set up under: (cash or checking transfers only please!)

Sunday the 29th is a special day thanks to Dr. Bob who has given access to all the volunteers who take part, a full day of climbing at Torrent Falls. Details on this and access stickers will be given out on Saturday at the raffle give-away!

Please feel free to e-mail with any questions or comments.

There is also a blog set up:

Best wishes,

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